Cliff diving

Real cliff diving is to be found on Lanai, a short ferry ride from Maui, during the summer months when the swell isn't so high. These pools are at Oheo Gulch, aka the 7 sacred pools despite the fact that there are neither 7 nor have they ever been sacred. The tourist-trap name was invented in the 1930s by a local hotel owner to lure tourists and it seems to have worked.

The gulch
Normally at this time of year the rains bring waterfalls running through these pools. However, late rains had left them unusually low.

I Started with a low dive (around 3m). Swam down to the bottom and found that it was only 10' deep!

After a few thoughts along the lines of "If I pull up at just the right time...NAH!", I stuck to this low platform until I'm there with a decent water level (should add 4' more).

An attempt at shallow entry - definately needs more practice before I start diving 5m into 10' of water. Still, not bad after 20 years.